goods to buy per meter

unlimited edition
unique pieces


Discarded tables have been assembled to form an infinitely long table. On request, a piece of table will be sawed off to the desired length for each individual customer. Also available in the VOLKSWARE Meterware shop: seat, carpet, sofa, bank, shelf, shirt and socks.

All goods of the VOLKSWARE Meterware shop are numbered and unique pieces. The desired length or weight of each piece indicates its average consumption mass and time.

All these goods are available in the temporarily VOLKSWARE Meterware shop, that is presented in galleries, exhibitions and fairs or other suitable presentation plattforms.

Beside these limited opening times you can have a look on the recent situation of each running product on www.VOLKSWAREmeterwareshop.com.

On the Hamburg Design Festival 2007, the VOLKSWARE Meterware shop presents its products in the VOLKSWARE Meterware cafe, inclusively food to buy per meter. shop”.